SCY has been in existence for nearly three decades. SCY allows students the opportunity to explore moral and spiritual matters while also helping them discover the significance of friends and family. SCY continues to believe in the potential of our youth, who have already begun to leave their mark on our world.

SCY Express for elementary age students encourages students to discover what it means to be a responsible and compassionate individual. SCY Express offers students what they want and what they need. Each week they have an opportunity to play fun and original games stressing teamwork and group effort, while minimizing competition. In addition, students engage in short discussions that focus on moral, social, and spiritual development. The end result is that students are not spectators. Instead, they participate in what many of them reference as the highlight of their week.

Middle School is crazy. So are the students! Fly @ SCY creates an environment that allows middle school students to be who they are while learning and discussing topics of depth. Students in Fly @ SCY are able to constantly engage in activity. Lock-ins, games, events, and trips are all present throughout the year. In addition, weekly breakfasts before school allow students to continue the relationship with their SCY leaders.

At SCY-Hi we believe we can live lives of purpose and meaning. Whether at home, at school, or at SCY, we know that the way we live life affects our shared story. Life can be good, bad, ugly, crazy, or overwhelming. We try to stop and consider how it is we are living and how we impact others.

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