A visitor to BCM on Sunday could encounter what appears to be a “standard” church service. Other Sundays we may engage in time for participatory practices, small groups, shared meals, or other activities that may be atypical for many churches. We believe that the impact of heart-felt effort by volunteers from the community can often lead to very powerful worship. We welcome anyone who would like to join us in that pursuit.


Dinner and discussion for those wanting to go deeper with community members. Typically meets the 1st Monday of every month from 6-8pm (check the calendar).


Throughout the year different members of the community will often lead or arrange studies on books, films, the Bible, or other elements in an effort to engage in meaningful spiritual growth through group study. Sign up for the BCM email list to get information on upcoming studies.


It’s apparent to the spiritual journeyman of the essential need for us to be in each other’s lives. We find that walking with each other through life is a place to find more and more value. Gatherings of 5-10 people who meet together regularly to care for each other, study, and pray. Just as cells in the human body are the building blocks for physical growth, in the same way our cell groups are the building blocks for our sense of community.