We put the highest value on Community, and we want to explore what it looks like to develop honest community here at BCM.  We’re not about just meeting for the sake of meeting, but rather; we’re interested in exploring stories, understanding we’re all strong in some areas and weak in others; and we are determined to seek the redemption that God is about in His BIG story.  

If you’re looking for a place to connect, we would love to connect with you.  After all, it was God who said, “It is not good that man should be alone.”  So come join us and discover how you can train your spirit to Love God and Love Others.  


Our community is made of people who are willing to engage and sacrifice. We’re not about developing another place where people can be spectators of spiritual development, but rather we encourage our community to get involved where they can contribute to the whole of the body. We don’t require members to volunteer, but we desire to help develop our community through giving of time, treasures, and talents.

If you know your gift, and want to be involved in helping facilitate a class, a spiritual formation, work with students, or help develop a new area that would benefit our community, contact us at to find out what openings we have for you. We think you’ll experience more joy in your life by giving rather than receiving.

We promise, we won’t wear you out. We don’t want people to over-commit. But we do want to know you and connect with you through our various on ramps to our community; mainly in volunteering.


Our mission, our hope, our aspiration, is to help one another develop spiritually into the types of people who reflect God’s love. We believe it is possible for our lives to demonstrate belief in God’s love. And when that happens we won’t need a “mission” – our lives will BE the mission. And we will find ourselves in places where we are immersed in feeling and sharing the love of God.

We have various opportunities for you to come and explore the Mission of BCM through our community and around the world.


At BCM you can always find a smile. We are interested in helping people with the gift of hospitality to explore that gift and give it away. Whether through food, greeting people at the door, or welcoming visitors, we’d love to welcome you to welcome others.