We encourage participation and believe in a calling to minister to one another. Our hope is to maintain a structure that promotes these values. Ministries at BCM are pursued through involvement in the various groups and ministry teams described below.


The board exists primarily to set the vision and assist with legal or financial matters if they should arise.

John Balma – jb@goodsbreckenridge.com
Chris Renner – chris@pinnaclemtnhomes.com
Chad Rowe – chad@pinnaclemtnhomes.com
Tony Busnardo – oldworldpaintingtony@gmail.com


The leadership team, made up of various members of the board and ministry teams, works to ensure that the vision and core values of BCM are pursued. This includes coordination amongst the various ministry teams, support to staff and volunteers, and general oversight of what is taking place at BCM.

Executive Director

Andy Braner – andy@kivugapyear.com


Numerous teams work together to handle the many aspects of BCM. Participation in ministry teams is welcome.

Spiritual Formation – promoting group learning / discussion opportunities.
Nikki LaRochelle – niklarochelle@gmail.com

Worship – organizing all aspects of Sunday morning worship.
Jen Schappert – j.schappert1978@gmail.com

– maintaining and improving the condition of our building.
Rob Oderman – alife4all@gmail.com

Children’s Ministry – providing opportunities for kids at BCM.
Tess Rowe – chadntess@hotmail.com

Community – creating opportunity for shared gatherings and events.
Kelly Steinweg – kellycolorado@me.com

Mission – promoting outreach beyond the BCM community.
Dave Olszewski – dave@narrowroadintl.org

Hospitality – providing methods of welcoming others to BCM.
Kayla Johnson – kgjohnson13@gmail.com

Technology – supporting and updating the communication and technology of our community.
Shannon Renner – shannon@pinnaclemtnhomes.com

– overseeing budget items and expenses for BCM.
Ken Colvin – colvin@colorado.net

Kairos – serving young adults in Summit County with opportunities for discussion, events, shared housing, and more.
Chris Renner – chris@pinnaclemtnhomes.com

SCY (Summit County Youth)
– providing opportunities for youth to engage in meaningful questions about life and God.
Brian Blacklock – brian@thescy.com