Some key moments in our past which have formed us…

1973 – A group of college and graduate students comes to Breckenridge for the summer to do an experiment in intentional Christian community. They live together, share meals, and participate in study seminars.

1974 – Several people from the previous summer move back to Breckenridge to develop some of the ministry ideas they’d dreamed up the summer before, again living in intentional community, sharing housing and meals and doing Bible studies together.

1976 – The Study House is in full swing. People come to live at the Study House, spending half of their time working and half their time studying their faith with the help of books, tapes, and seminar speakers.

1980 – Land is donated, and after a year of hard work, the BCM community completes construction on the current building. Our weekly Sunday worship services begin.

1982 – Summit County Youth (SCY) is started as a way of reaching out to students and their families. The local youth have always been highly important to us!

1988 – One Sunday morning only eight people show up for worship. Pulling their chairs into a circle, they cry, then laugh, then cry as they anxiously consider the future of BCM.

1991 – Kairos is started in order to reach out to the large 20’s population in the area. Weekly discussions / studies and a variety of group activities create a place for young adults to belong and grow.

Today – Our community continues to thrive as we pursue relationships with Christ and with each other. Activities such as community dinners, our annual Fall Retreat, Bible studies, bike rides, and skiing provide the context for these relationships to keep growing!