In 2002, a group of us gathered together seeking to put our community into words. We explored various metaphors, analogies, and stories, ultimately creating what is now commonly referenced as “The Story of BCM”.

God’s Story

Jesus’ revolutionary teachings were rooted in a larger story – the story of God interacting with humanity. This is a story of creation, history, love, struggle, grace, and so much more. We pursue this story to find love, wisdom, and hope from a creator who is beyond each of us.

Our Story

We want to live life together. We desire to foster authentic relationships and embrace the brokenness in each of us. This is a community of people trying to pursue God in our worship, our work, and our homes. We believe in seeing others as God’s creation.

My Story

How does a God described in ancient stories relate to our individual lives today? Our hope at BCM is to promote the intentional pursuit of God for each individual. We believe in God’s ability to transform our lives such that we live differently in this world today.